Friends, Good Friends : A Common Outing For Grocery Shopping Essays

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Over time, you accumulate friendships, whether it 's throughout work or school or on a common outing for grocery shopping. Although we may call them our friends, what kind of friends are they? There are many categories on which we classify friends, such as convenience friends, crossroad friends, and even part-of-a-couple friends. In the essay Friends, Good Friends - and Such Good Friends by Judith Viorst, she talks about these different types of friendships and how they affect us, although her essay mainly focuses on relationships with women, the categories can apply to both women and men.
A convenience friendship is one we all may have. Many start off as one and gradually turn into a real friendship, but others may stay that way forever. A convenience relationship is one that if someone would not see that person all the time they would not have a reason to be friends. An example would be a next door neighbor, a person someone would carpool with or even the mother of her child 's best friend. They will watch the pet of someone when they go on vacation or give them a ride to pick up their car from the mechanic. But with convenience friends they do not get to close or tell too much. As Judith stated in her essay one maintains their public face and emotional distance. Which means they would talk about being overweight with a convenience friend but not that they are depressed because of it. "But which doesn 't mean that there isn 't sufficient value to be found in these…

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