Essay about Friends, Good Friend, And Such Good Friends By Judith Viorst

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Friends, how many of us have them? FRIENDS ones we can depend on. These lines are very well known from the 1984 hit single by Whodini, but in reality is agreat question to ask yourself. Whodini’s first rhyme says “Friends is a word we use everyday most the time we use it in the wrong way.”, with that being said we all confuse the definition or just have our own meaning for the the word, but me, I couldn’t answer the Friends question til I knew the true meaning of a friend. The essay Friends , Good Friends, and Such Good Friends by Judith Viorst gives multiple variations of friends, and like I did you can use it to see which category your peers land under.

During her essay Judith states that “friends are those that love, support and trust each other no questions asked” , she also adds that they share the same affections. This is the definition found in the dictionary she just modidifies it because that defintion is too narrow. When categorizing my peers using Judith’s essay I received some surprising results. I say this because the group pf guys who I thought were my best friends ended up on simple named list such as historical friends, and the ones I argue with the most were dictionary defined friends. I believe this happened because these guys are so honest/real with me to the point I may not like everything they say. Simply because it’s the truth; we all know the truth may hurt at times. This is something like the scenario/example in the essays opener “... and tell…

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