Friend, Or Just A Food Giver? Essay

1693 Words Oct 9th, 2015 null Page
Friend, or just a food giver? Imagine you have had your pet since he was little, you brought him home, fed him, trained him, and took care of him, you and your pet have bonded. Now imagine years later your pet turns and bites you and starts attacking you. People who train animals know this routine all too well. They work close and personally with animals like bears and orcas, animals much bigger then dogs and cats we keep as pets. However they still have the same love, trust and respectful relationship we have with our pets. So what does it mean when those big animals turn and hurt their trainers? The controversy whether humans should be dealing with these large predatory animals has been going on for a while. More so since the documentary Black Fish has been released, the film talks about and brings to the attention the deaths of trainers working with orcas, more specifically Tilikum. Tilikum is the largest male orca in captivity, currently being held at the Sea World in Orlando Florida. Tilikum also has the reputation of being aggressive, however many trainers are still comfortable with getting into the water with this killer whale. It was said by one of the former trainers in the Blackfish documentary that one day they just told her to ‘go and ride on the back of the killer whale (Cowperthwaite, Blackfish). That just simply does not happen. Chuck Tompkins is a trainer who has worked with killer whales at Sea World for 22 years, five of those years he spent with…

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