Friedman Family Assessement Essay

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How is the family meeting affective, socialization, reproductive, economic and health care functions (See Chapters 14, 15 and 16 for more detail explanations of functions)?

Identify the developmental stage of this family; what are the developmental tasks this family must achieve during this stage? What do you believe is their present ability to achieve these tasks? (See Chapter 5).

What are the short and long-term stressors impinging on this family? What strengths counterbalance these stressors? How is the family reacting to these stressors (identify functional and dysfunctional coping strategies)?

Formulate one nursing diagnoses for this family.
If there is not enough data in the case study to assess the above, what
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Julie, in the study, seems to be motivated in advancing her career once the children get older which is a great mentality to have. This will not only increase their combined salary substantially but possibly help John cut back in his schedule to spend more time at home and become more physically active.
Healthcare functions
Regarding their health care function, it is clearly evident that hard work must be done for the family as a whole. John, being the first one discussed, has a very difficult job ahead of him. Personally, I understand both sides of the equation in being a truck driver because my own father drives a truck for the city and I have been there with him. On one end he needs to make sure he makes times in shipping and picking materials up all day, and on the other end not having the appropriate time to think about healthy eating through the day, or being active as this job requires many hours sitting. This is where I come in and try to help by motivating in exercising after work and creating a better eating lifestyle as he drives, healthier snacks, and at home once he is out. Julie, as one of the household leaders, is taking the right approach which is a great first step to take for her individually as well as for the family. This is extremely

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