Essay Friday 's Lab Was A Great Experience For Me Learning Skills

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Overall, Friday’s lab was a great experience for me in learning skills that are going to be part of my future job. I liked having the opportunity to practice as the dietitian because I was able to get one and one experience. For being my first time collecting a 24 Hour Recall I would have to say it went fairly well. However, it could have gone much better if I had with me measuring tools to make it easier for the client to demonstrate their portion sizes. I was able to observe from the students that volunteered in class that props can really make a difference in gathering food details. Also, in gathering more accurate information. For example, having the different cup sizes available were helpful for the client to know exactly what portion size she drank and for the students to collect accurate information. Also, I noticed the client was more engaged in the interview process when selecting the appropriate props. Something different I would probably do from the students that volunteered that day is I would put the prop right away after it is done being used. This would be helpful to prevent the client from playing with the prop and losing focus during the interview.1 It was a great experience observing the volunteer students in class because I could practice in my head what question I would ask next if I was the dietitian.
I found it challenging not having any tools for my client because she did not know how to describe her portions to me correctly. Her use of hands were…

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