Friday Night Lights : The Metaphysical Theory Of The Basic Question

1447 Words Dec 5th, 2016 6 Pages
“Texas Forever” is a mantra which Tim Riggins, the main character in the television series, Friday Night Lights, lives by. This show is about an entire town obsessed with football and something they base their dreams upon. However, these dreams do not come without compromise. We can identify ourselves and others with the most the characters in Friday Night Lights, and are pulled immediately into their lives since their situations makes them feel like genuine individuals. In this paper, I will argue that Friday Night Lights demonstrates the metaphysical theory of the basic question: “Ultimately, what is there?” A single word to answer that question, would be – dreams. When we base our life upon a dream or the person we think we deserve to be, it can be a tragedy or it can be motivational, especially if that spiritual place is not a place at all, but a feeling, a hope or a dream. Sports can give players a disillusioned idea as to what they are entitled to and the person they think they deserve to be. How you handle it, is most important. If you base your life on a dream there can be a motivation to be the best at whatever you are trying to achieve, but if you build your life on something impossible to attain, you are left with a sense of unworthiness. Riggins is dealing with situations in his life that have lead him to drinking heavily. His father is not in the picture and although he has his brother, he does not have a father figure to look to, so he turns to alcohol.…

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