Frida Kahlo Surrealism

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Register to read the introduction… Frida first met Diego Rivera at the Ministry of Education in Mexico City. While married to Rivera, she gave up painting. She loved her husband very much and wanted to seem important to him. Frida knew that his murals were the most significant element in his life. She had begun to realize that she would always be second to Rivera's art. After being struck by this reality, the once independent Frida Kahlo became overly obsessed with Diego Rivera.
In 1942, Kahlo began teaching and her students were known as the "Fridos". She was forced to abandon her teaching because of numerous painful surgeries to correct her spine and foot. Her physical pain joined the pain of her husband's indifference and became the primary subjects of her art. These sad chapters of Frida's life were the subjects of some of her most powerful works of art.
During her short life, she had many accomplishments. She was a surrealist artist who expressed her feelings and thoughts through her paintings. To the public she was a high spirited rebellious woman. Her paintings were full of personal content and they expressed her internal feelings. Her creative style was always breathtaking yet confusing. Frida was probably the most idolized woman artist of her

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