Frida Kahlo: Her Passion And Her Pain

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Frida Kahlo: Her Passion and Her Pain The exhibit at the Fresno Art Museum is not one that is primarily a showcase of Frida Kahlo’s art. “Frida Kahlo: Through the Lens of Nickolas Muray,” is a rare glimpse into the life of the Mexican artist who painted colorful and emotional depictions of her life. Her passion and pain are resonated throughout the photographs of her paintings, personal correspondence written between her lover and friend, Nickolas Muray and herself, and the photographs that Muray took of her. The two gallery rooms that are filled with Muray’s memorabilia give the viewers a glimpse into the passion and pain that this iconic artist experienced. There are numerous items of correspondence between Muray and Kahlo that convey the passion that Kahlo felt when she was in love. Kahlo was a woman that was not afraid to love fiercely, even when it was a forbidden love. This openness is also clearly resonated in her art. She was an unintentional feminist who’s liberating ideas, I found refreshing. There are photographs of the artist that were taken by Muray that state that Kahlo was no longer in love with the …show more content…
She was stricken with polio at the age of six. At the age of seventeen, she was in a horrific bus accident that nearly took her life and left her with a lifetime of pain and illness. Her pain, both physical and emotional, is quite apparent in her painting as well as in her letters and photographs of the artist herself. The painting that I found most moving at this exhibit was her painting titled “Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird”. In this photograph of her painting, Kahlo emanates her feelings of turmoil and anguish following her divorce from her husband of ten years, Diego Rivera, and also following the conclusion of her affair with her lover, Muray. This painting contains an abundance of symbolism that one can appreciate even prior to learning the meanings of these

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