Frida Kahlo Gender Roles

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Brea M. James
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17 September 2017 The Art of Gender Roles Throughout history, artists have played a major role in the development of gender roles for men and women. Both had separate parts they played due to society's expectations. Women were expected to take care of the domestic and house chores, while the man did the work in the work field. Frida Kahlo's physical characteristics, lifestyle , and art defied the assumptions about women in her culture. Laura Knight’s constant achievements created opportunities for women that were not usual during her time. Although a woman's main focus was to remain discrete out in the public eye, Laura Knight and Frida Kahlo used art as a tool to break those gender barriers.
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In Mexico, she used her art and physical appearance to alter society's image of a woman. Kahlo was born July 6, 1907 in Coyoacan, Mexico. At the age of six, she developed polio and was bedridden for nine months. Despite it be unusual for females during her time, she play sports and wrestled in order to help her recover. During the Revolution, Women in Mexico tended to matters of their families. They made sure their families were taken care of by cooking, cleaning, and nursing. However, many were uprooted from their homes to practice similar jobs for injured soldiers during the Revolution. Women during that time started to set up organizations where the objective was to discuss, analyze, and fight for the rights of women. Feminism started to rise and women argued the right to work professions they weren't able to in order to become better homemakers.Kahlo was a big influence in the feminist movement in Mexico. even though she influenced many lives, she struggled to control her own. Kahlo went through multiple surgeries throughout her life after a terrible car accident she was in. She was bedridden again for months and during that time, she began to use art as a way to express her pain. She attended the National Preparatory School in 1922 where she met her husband future husband, Diego Rivera. Struggling with their constant infidelity, Kahlo …show more content…
Kahlo had similar aspects as the men around her. Women were known to wear only dresses and date men but Kahlo openly had interest in women and dressed in men's’ clothing. Knight achieved so much in her time where women were only expected to do simple household jobs. Her accomplishments open doors for women to achieve more during that time. Despite the fact that both were strong, independent women, they both had feelings and experience the same emotions that everyone did in society. Kahlo went through depression and a lot of health problems. She had miscarriages and had a terrible marriage which ultimately took a toll on her emotions and actions. She experienced pain just like any other woman in society and lived to please her husband. Knight met her husband at school and got married. She followed her husband where he went while pursuing their careers as artists. Even though they had different art styles, the women were very prominent artists within their time period and birthplaces. Kahlo’s style was more of a realistic style but had elements of surrealism in them. The surrealism within her paintings conveyed themes and were symbolic too big events in her life. Her paintings were mostly illustrating herself and all the pain she went through.Her painting, “Broken Column” was an altered self portrait of her body. In the painting, a rod replaced her spine and her body

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