Frida Kahlo Analysis

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Frida Kahlo argues that she prefers painting herself because she is the only person whom she understands best. She does not just paint abstractly; rather, she paints to depict her own reality. The above statement is made to capture the essence of Kahlo’s artwork. Every time she gets holds of the brush, she paints is without any reservations, and her artwork is a reflection the feelings she had in her heart. On her life, Frida faced many tragic events and some of happy events. These events are what created the feelings Farida had, which eventually led to create her paintings.
An overlook of Frida life, in 1907 she was born in Mexico. Her life is full of physical traumas with some taking place earlier in her life. For instance, in 1922, she met and fell in love with Diego Rivera who was a married man; however, Kahlo was not sure of how to deal with his emotions. In 1925, she had an accident that altered much of her later life as it affected her pelvis making it impossible to conceive. Therefore, her life was full of pain because she could not fulfill her motherhood dreams that she captured through paintings.
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For instance, in the painting “Frida and Diego” it looked like a wedding painting herself and the husband. She worked on this painting during her first year of marriage. Both of them are facing forward with a firm expression but holding hands as a sign of love that they had for each other. However, this connection of hands is loosely clasped a symbol of the loose connection between them something that one would not expect in a newlywed couple. The rest of her paintings were associated with dull colors safe for the red shawl draped over her shoulders. Her height, eyebrows, and small feet in comparison with the towering figure of Diego were incomparable. Her face says a lot about her inner turmoil that she was not saying by

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