Frida Kahlo : A Famous Mexican Woman Artist Essay

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Essay about Frida Kahlo’s Paintings
Frida Kahlo is a famous Mexican woman artist who was born in 1907 and died in 1954. She was married to the world famous muralist Diego Rivera in 1929. She faced several undesirable experiences including an accident that affected her pelvis, spine and legs. She was also unable to bear children in her difficult marriage life with the famous Mexican Muralist Diego Rivera with whom she got married in 1929. Most of her paintings and oeuvres capture her emotional and physical effects of her misery and suffering in her life time. Her portraits make up a sizeable number of most of her artwork. As Garber (42) notes, her personal portraits are depictive of her endeavors to depict both her physical and a psychological misery.
In her short stint on earth, Kahlo is confronted by a number of issues and conflicting situations that she captures in her various paintings. For instance, "What the Water Gave Me" is an intimate painting that captures her accident in 1925 at the age of eighteen that resulted in spine, pelvic and leg injuries (Garber 42). Her marriage with Diego Rivera was characterized by rampant infidelity by both of them. In addition, Kahlo is confronted by various gender issues and conflicts. For instance, although she was impeccably feminine, she graciously personified various masculine traits such as promiscuity, alcohol consumption and smoking. She did not make any efforts to hide…

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