Frida Ghitis 'Media Decurging War Against America'

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THE MEDIA DECLARING WAR AGAINST AMERICA. At least according to Trump’s headlines it is. On February eighteenth Frida Ghitis published her article: Why Trump wants you to hate the media on the CNN website; the article does lives true to it’s title. Ghitis expresses her own take on President Trump’s assessment of media being the true public enemy in comparative allusions, personification, and mocketive diction.
“Don’t look at me” Trump’s script “cries out”, begging the audience to look in another direction claiming that there is a “threat, a danger.” Ghitis gives the script a voice of its own to ridicule how Trump passes the blame onto someone or something else. The media are putting words in his mouth, he never said such a thing; the script
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Which is precisely why the allusion of Gaslighter in Chief perfect in this situation. Gaslighter in Chief is another article written by Ghitis on how Trump criticizes the media on releasing “fake news” but never quite has the facts right himself. It furthers her point in that he ejects his own flaws and mishaps onto another in his desire to appear as if a Saint. But there is also her diction of using gaslighter in the title of the article; gaslighting is a manipulation by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. A gaslighter as Commander in Chief, someone who likes to feel authoritative and dominate given power for a limited amount of time. What will go wrong? The most important allusion to be made in the article is to that of George Orwell’s novel 1984. The novel, much like his other work Animal Farm, is a commentary on government oppression and manipulation; the main character works for the historical records' hall where he is to alter records according to the government's approval. The same government prohibits free thought, sex, and any expression of individuality. This allusion is representative to how Trump is attempting to smother the only means of representation that the people have, saying they are lairs and not to be trusted. And of course

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