Friction Ridge Vs. Fbi Essay

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Friction Ridge Comparison Summary

Friction Ridge comparison is used a lot by the CSI and FBI nowadays. The purpose of the study was to come up with a basic analysis of the science of friction ridge patterns on skin, and to approve further research for the friction ridge patterns on the skin to be tested, and to come up with a hypothesis for that idea/theory. At first the scientists was unable to find the right piece of information (literature) that supports their assumptions of the friction ridge patterns of skin, until they found a way. They decided to interview professionals in fingerprint analysis, look at statistics, other legal information and other scientists to help understand the basis of it and to collect any information on the documents (literature) and legitimacy of the information. The results that were found did not answer all of their questions but it have information on the infrastructure of the science of friction ridge patterns of skin and the analysis behind it.

Basic Assumptions: There were so many assumptions that were made in analysis of comparing the friction ridge patterns of skin. The person that is analyzing has to conclude whether or not to use the evidence and the intensity to instruct during the process. He/she then has to make a judgement but people may not understand or agree with the conclusions that have been made. Also people may not be able to encode the data of the results of the inspection. There are two main assumptions…

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