Freudian Slips

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Public speaking tends to be the most nerve-racking situation for most people, especially when it is in front of a large audience. What is the root of this fear? Messing up. The fear that causes shaky voices, sweaty palms, and nervous vomit is simply the fear of making a mistake and everyone witnessing that mistake. Everyone makes mistakes, a simple slip of the tongue; after all we are only human. That human nature is precisely why we do everything in our power to minimize the chance of verbal slip ups in front of an audience. Hours of practice in front of mom and dad, grueling memorization techniques, even reading things off of screens placed discretely so only the one speaking can read it. When it comes down to it we are all human, and we are all going to slip up. …show more content…
That theory is known as Freudian Slips. Freud described this as the inappropriate or unacceptable thoughts in the unconscious mind being brought out by the simple slip of the tongue. It was often referred to as a persons hidden wish, desire, or thoughts that are on the mind of the speaker when these Freudian Slips happen. As everyone knows through trial and error, practice makes perfect. Freudian Slips must only happen to those inexperienced in public speaking, definitely not professionals like news reporters whom are on TV every single day. Oh but they too are only human, and subject to the same, if not more, Freudian Slips than us average Joe’s. The symbolism in the news reporters slip-ups display Freud’s theory of Freudian Slips on the true desires of the unconscious mind that we are all aware of but trying desperately to suppress, along with the cinematic elements that are

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