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Rushit Vyas Professor Sircar 10/08/2014 Overview of Freudian Theories on Dreams and Sexuality In every intellectual field, there are those few individuals who shed light on new ways of thinking the status quo and ultimately having a profound and influential impact lasting generations independent of whether their work is agreed upon by scholars or simply a popular topic of conversation. Considering psychology and more specifically psychoanalysis, which is concerned with those factors that determine human emotions and behavior that individuals are often unaware of, there is no one more influential than the Austrian neurologist and the founding father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. In creating psychoanalytic theory, Freud himself
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Repression is essentially a cognitive process that denies those thoughts and fears that are likely to make us anxious. The idea of repression implies and creates what is known as the unconscious mind. In brief, the unconscious mind is the part that is inaccessible to our waking, functioning mind. There are three central concepts to his dream theory: dream-work,

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manifest content and latent content. Dream-work refers to the idea that an individual’s repressed thoughts or desires do not take true form in dreams, but are rather distorted and thus appear in a disguised form. The overarching purpose of dream-work is then to transform this disguised or forbidden ideas into a form that is not threatening and reduces overall anxiety and tension. As Freud outlines, there are three significant transformations within dream-work, which are the process of condensation, displacement, and secondary revision. Condensation refers to themes or images that are combined into one, which then transform the dream, making it compact or condensed. Displacement, another type of transformation within the dream-work, refers to the idea that our unconscious transforms the person or object we are really concerned with to something else. Thus, the “psychical emphasis” is transformed from an object of importance to something that is trivial or mundane. A particular type of displacement that Freud is concerned

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