Freud And Freud's The Interpretation Of Dreams

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Register to read the introduction… Breuer discovered that her frustrations were bottled up. Also, referred to as the strangulated affect. The patient could not vent her frustration because the situation she was trapped in rendered this impossible. Breuer would hypnotize her and encouraged her to express her frustrations through abreaction. This method proved successful and freed her from her repressed thoughts. In 1883 Freud and Breuer wrote "Studies on Hysteria". This book was based on their research of Anna O. and their works on psychoanalysis. This period is often said to be the formal beginning of psychoanalysis.
In 1897 Freud took on the task of his own self-analysis. During this time he kept close contact with Wilhelm Fliess, who was working in Berlin. Freud would pass-on his interpretations of his findings to Fliess to review. His analysis would carry-on for two years before he diagnosed himself as suffering from anxiety neurosis caused by sexual tension. In 1900 he would release "The Interpretation of Dreams" which covered this research and
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Starting at birth with oral phase and ending in early adult hood with the genital phase.
The oral phase begins at birth and lasts about eight months. The infants primary concern focuses on the mouth and the satisfaction obtained through oral stimuli. The most obvious resulting from eating. This satisfaction however, can also be obtained through sucking, biting and swallowing foreign objects of diverse shapes and sizes. Freud contends that these activities are directly related to the child's urge to take part in feeding. During this phase the child's personality is controlled by it needs for immediate satisfaction of its wants and needs.
During the anal phase the child's concern is shifted to the area of the body known as the rectum. Bowel movements become a source of pleasure and the child may defecate often to achieve this pleasure. This new found pleasure could change quickly when the parents are able to influence this behavior. This leads the child to enter the first stages of forming the ego. The child begins to learn that it cannot do what it wants when it wants. Once reaching an age to reason this idea the child gradually understands his parents' demands. This phase takes place between the ages of two and
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During his stay he gave a series of lectures and speeches. Freud was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the dean. In 1923 Freud was diagnosed with oral cancer located in his upper jaw and under went a series of operations. While seeking medical attention for his cancer in 1930, Freud suffered a heart attack and was forced to give up his habit of smoking. In 1931, Freud became active in the finances of the Psychoanalytical Press and appealed to numerous organizations for financial help. He did not have the success in fund raising he had hoped. In order to help generate revenue he wrote the "New Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis." In 1938, the Germans invaded Austria and forced a wave of political unrest as anti-Semitic persecution breaks out. Freud's apartment and the Psychoanalytic Society were searched. This forced Freud to flee to London. While in London Freud suffered numerous health problems and entered the hospital at Hempstead where he died on September 23, 1939 at the age of

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