Freshman 15 : An Epidemic That Sweeps Across Every College Essay

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The “Freshman 15” is an epidemic that sweeps across every college in the country. The research conducted by the Indiana University and Tufts University shows that 60% of freshman did put on weight their first year in college. The women said they gained 7 ½ pounds; men about 9 pounds. I have noticed with myself just taking online classes I have put on a few extra pounds. It is easy to get in the habit of eating extra food while doing homework or just relaxing while you are between classes. The buffet style meals are another way for students to overeat. Students need to learn how to control their eating during the day to avoid putting on the extra pounds. Students gain weight, and in turn increases the risk of chronic diseases.
The change of routine that college students experience after leaving high school is stressful. In high school they are many sports that people can participate in. This helps battle weight gain. Since colleges do not have sports like in high school it is hard for people to stay active. Since college students live new lifestyles with different routines. It may be harder for them to find time to exercise. Especially freshman because they are just getting into the whole college experience.
“Students entering their first year of college are faced with many stresses and changes, including changes in eating and exercise behavior.”(41 Hoffman) “Increased stress caused by the transition from high school to college is a fourth possible route to weight gain…

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