French Revolution Diary

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In the late 1780’s France had undergone quite a bit of change. Me, a middle aged man and middle class citizen, was caught in the raths of all of these power struggles. Being a radical, I was all for a change but, nothing seemed to be a permanent fix. People from all over came to take control but it seems as though we were too far gone to be helped. Many revisions to the government took place and many lives were lost. All of the estates were put to the test and now, bowing at the feet of Napoleon upon the ruins of France, us commoners look back on how far we’ve come since the rule of King Louis xvi.


On the eve of my 30th birthday there was an urgent meeting of the Estates General called. I was hoping it was good news to start my birthday off right, but it
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Filled with rage and new ideas, us commoners along with many from the other estates found ourselves in an old tennis court where my best lad recently won a tournament, maybe it will bring us good luck. Wanting a change, we all pledged, or promised, that we would not leave the tennis court until a new constitution and new rules were formed. I worried my dear wife would be upset that I won’t make it home for dinner, but when we have more rights she’ll have to forgive me. We called ourselves the National Assembly because we are going to create something big for France. We are in fact the voice of France and cannot stand to see it fall apart under this absolute monarchy. All of the men were shouting and throwing out ideas, I contributed a few of mine as well, and after many long hard hours the Constitution of 1791 was born. It introduced a constitutional monarchy with limited power to the King and more rights to the people. I wished for a democracy or a republic, anything that will give the people all of the rights, but I guess this is better than nothing. All that is left is for King Louis xvi to accept

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