Essay on French Of The French Revolution

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Le Révolution Française
“French armies,” according to author Daron Acemoglu, “brought much suffering in Europe, but they also radically changed the lay of the land.” How is the quote indicative to the effects of the French Revolution? To answer this question, one must first understand the main purpose of the revolution, which was reform. The revolution was a violent battle with the intent of demolishing oppression, achieving equality, and changing France’s political structure altogether. Although one might think that the revolution only changed France’s figure, it actually changed the whole world entirely. The French Revolution’s history, icons, values and spirits are still greatly recalled throughout today.
During the 1700s, France suffered a developing crisis that would eventually intensify. To begin with, numerous factors led to the cause of the French Revolution, which unavoidably transformed the appearance of France’s social, economic and political status. First, the crisis began when France suffered poor harvest, which ultimately resulted in poor economy. Second, they suffered financial difficulties due to the fact that the king, which was King Louis XVI at the time, spent his money excessively. In addition, the foremost problem was their aristocratic, social system called the Old Regime. Basically, France’s society was branched into separate divisions. The citizens were divided by laws into three classes: The First Estate, Second Estate and Third Estate. The vast…

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