French Jazz And French Classical Music Essay

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My time in Paris was spent doing an array of things, such as listening to music, trying foods that I never had before, seeing art I grew up seeing in books and magazines, etc. Music is integral in many societies and being immersed in Paris, I got to see why it is as impactful as it is. No matter where I was in Paris, I heard music. A majority of the time, I heard live music whether it came from people singing on the metro or street performers. An interesting event that occurred while I was on the metro was this woman who spoke fluent french began to sing, and it was both in Spanish and French. Music breaks down barriers and it was interesting to see how it occurs in France. In this essay, I am going to describe and compare French Jazz and French Classical music. Jazz made its way to France in the 20th century. It started in the United States and began to spread to other countries. In the beginning, the French were a bit hesitant to accept the music because it was heavily Americanized but after adapting it to their likings, it began to thrive.
I experienced French Jazz music when I went to visit Duc Lombards. I went there to experience what a jazz club in France was like and it did not disappoint. I do not know the name of the music they played but I know that the pieces incorporated various musical elements. The song that played incorporated metric rhythm and at times non metric rhythm. The song seemed to follow the homophony approach. The song was melodic and it was…

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