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French and Indian War DBQ The French and Indian War or Seven Years War was a duel for North America. It was a battle between the British and the French with their Indian allies. The war ended in 1763 during the Treaty of Paris when the French seceded all of their North American land to Britain and Spain (Doc. A). As the war continued and ended, there was a progressive resentment for the British from the Colonists. This resentment was caused by actions the Mother Country has done, the

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The Mother Country has spent a lot of wealth and people to help support the colonies during the war. They had no way to re-pay their debt and felt as if the colonies revenue to pay them back was insufficient, they even kept their troops stationed there, resulting in more payments that the colonists had to pay (Doc. F). As time progressed, the British imposed many acts and taxes that infuriated the colonists. Of these acts, the Stamp Act of 1765 created a large reaction. Many colonists resented this act because it taxed common items like newspapers, marriage licenses, and legal documents. The colonists made it obvious that they did not support this act by the printing of newspapers like the Pennsylvania Journal (Doc H). Many colonists wanted to get this act repealed (Doc. G) so they created the Stamp Act Congress of 1765. Although the Stamp Act Congress made active attempts to repeal the Stamp Act, it created the idea of nonimportation agreements. These agreements were made by the colonists to boycott goods by Britain. Women also helped with the boycotting by holding spinning bees to make home-spun clothes. The nonimportation agreements were catastrophic for England because America bough one-quarter of all British goods and half of British shipping was dedicated for the colonies.

During the French and Indian War, many colonists felt proud to be from England and were proud to serve the
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