Freedom 's Freedom On Independence Essay

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Freedom is a thing which exists in mind most of people, and it can be seem a sumptuous meaning that many people want to get. According to Oxford definition, freedom is the right to act, speak, or think without hindrance or restraint, while other people often talk about freedom that is free to do whatever they want such as: place to live, friend to make, or job to do. However, all of those things can’t be true freedom, and they are just kind of ways for people to find happy. According to me, Freedom incorporates three traits: independence, emancipation, and happiness. First of all, people can find freedom on independence because they act as that they want for their owns without intervention of other people or restriction of material situations. A person forced to stay home as if he or she was as a prisoner because of his or her illness or natural calamities. Or a person was forced to do unwanted as a slave by threats form others. As the result, he or she didn’t have ability to do whatever he or she liked. However, many people couldn’t have freedom even though they didn’t have coercions. For example, my childhood friend, Tam was born in rich family and good parents, so he grew up as prince and could have every thing like a big house, beautiful girlfriend, or expensive car. He had vivacious personality and liked talking. However, in his father birthday, he looked so quiet, and I can saw sadness and worry on his face. When I asked him why he looked so tired, and if his company…

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