Freedom Writers: The Old And New Methods Of Education

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Freedom Writers
The Old and the New Methods of Education

There is a movie called Freedom writers talking about the old and the new methods of education. Time is changing, the methods of education is changing too. The movie shows the big difference between the old and the new methods of education . Though The new and the old methods of education have their own uses, the new methods which contain a lot of things such as respect, love, comprehension are better than the old ones and so on. We need the new methods more than the old ones. Also governments, schools and teachers ought to change the methods with the changing on the students, which means to figure out a better way to how they change and . In the same way, the students will change as the changing of their teachers’ teaching.

In the movie Mrs. G uses some new methods like The Line Game and keeping diaries to win
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Although in China some areas have changed the methods of education, most areas still keep eyes on the students’ scores. A lot of accidents about students killing themselves because of their low scores happens every year in China. The number of junior and senior high school students suicide in Shanghai in 2011 was about 13, which increased 5 cases compared with 2010(4). Also from the research it tells that students who decided to end their lives still loved their families and friends. Those young lives got killed just because of the huge pressure from the school, the teachers and the score (5). This serious situation was sometimes ignored by many education governments in China at the present. It shows that though the old methods could improve the score, it may cause a lot of damage that people couldn’t imagine on the students. The old methods like this could not prove if students really get the right education from their teachers and

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