Freedom Riders Racism

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Register to read the introduction… Racism from crowds was there to taunt and prevent these children from attending, threatening violent acts. This event was so great the United States Army was called upon for protection of the students to that no one would be injured. This was the first of African American children who integrated in a white school system. The level of sheer discrimination that was lived in Little Rock Arkansas brought national attention to the type of prejudice and racism that African American’s experienced in all of America.

In the early 1960’s, CORE organized what was known as the Freedom Riders. The Freedom Riders intent was to bring attention to the rest of the nation that the South was still in segregation in transporting students. The Freedom Riders in the South were met with strong opposition, assembled mobs, some of which were Ku Klux Klan members attacked the Riders, shouting racial slurs in protest of their civil
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Founded by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, their principals were similar, but, their violent methods brought negative attention. Their vision was to reconstruct America’s society with equality in mind for African Americans in an economic, political, and social forum. To enforce their vision, the Black Panthers would patrol African American neighborhoods; it was a form of protection from abuse of police who at the time did not see the African American community as having the same rights and equality. There were smaller groups both in violent and non-violent natures that did exist, many had different motives and practices, but, in all, each group and organization had the same basic message. The primary objective was to eliminate discrimination, segregation, and inequality, all factors that were also the foundation in leading the Civil Rights …show more content…
President Kennedy proposed a Civil Rights Bill, which became the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This Act was a landmark victory for African Americans, but also went further. For African Americans, this Civil Rights Act outlawed racial segregation and discrimination. This legislation did not only apply to African Americans, this applies to any race and religion, just as importantly, this also gave rights to women that were never had. Women are now outlawed to be discriminated against as well, and along with all races and religions, women also have equal application of registration requirements

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