Freedom Riders Of The United States Essay

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Freedom Riders In 1961 there were thirteen Freedom Riders male and female, black and white, young and old who pilgrimage off on a racial test. They used two buses for the trip putting into group on the Trailway and the other group on the Greyhound bus. In May 1961 the Freedom Riders left Washington D. C. going to New Orleans and Louisiana. The trip was only for two weeks that would cumulated down to New Orleans, where the real Celebration of the Board of Education decision. Freedom Riders main idea and goal of the trip was to go down in the south and the Deep South and challenge segregated travel facilities throughout the south. The Freedom Riders knew that they were to participate in non- violence on this trip. They were protesting against racial black and whites deliberately violate the segregation laws of the Deep South. They knew that discrimination and arrest or personal injury might result. The Freedom Riders thought of going into the Deep South hoping to get a movement started a nation state movement. They were to go from one town to another trying to see what would happen when they enter into the white side of a restaurant, restrooms and bus depot. The Freedom Riders went from Washington D. C. to Charlotte and they were arrested, after leaving Atlanta one of the buses was firebombed in a small town call Anniston, Alabama. (Web) The second bus made it to Birmingham, but had to face the Ku Klux Klan mob where some of them were beaten.(Web) After all that the Freedom…

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