Essay on Freedom of Speech

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The freedom of speech which we enjoy is contained within the rights protected under the First Amendment, a part of the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights was added to the United States Constitution as the first ten amendments in order to gain acceptance and ultimately the adoption of the Constitution. Many have questioned the intent of our founding fathers with regard to speech and the freedoms associated with it. Throughout history, there have been many interpretations of the First Amendment, and just as many questions pertaining to which types of speech are protected. When this country was founded, many of the principles that were important to our founding fathers were important because of their experiences with the British rule. …show more content…
Combined with the right of free speech, citizens are able to participate in this dialogue without fear. All of these freedoms are necessary for a properly functioning democratic government and allow citizens to participate in shaping that government. While the First Amendment provides for many protections, not all forms of speech are protected. The government still has the right to limit certain types of speech. The types of speech that are not protected would be those that would place a person in danger or cause harm to others such as threats, fighting words, or child pornography (Kanovitz, 2010). The Supreme Court of the United States hears many cases on First Amendment grounds and is tasked with interpreting the First Amendment in terms of whether the speech should be protected since there are no specific prohibitions contained within the text of the First Amendment. It would not be unreasonable to think that the framers did not intend to protect every form of speech. Perhaps, the conduct which has been viewed as expression would not have been within the context of the rights the framers expected to protect. One would think that conduct, no matter how expressive, that places others at risk of being harmed would not have been the intention of the framers to protect. The rights protected within the First Amendment are designed to allow citizens to live private

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