Freedom Of Speech : The Right And Right Of Religious Freedom Essay

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Freedom of speech is one of our most treasured first amendment rights as Americans given to us through the constitution. Freedom of speech is the right to speak without censorship or restraint by the government. The case of Reed v. the Town of Gilbert Arizona concerned both this right and the right of religious freedom, another constitutional right given by the first amendment. Freedom of religion is the right to affiliate with a religion or no religion without interference by the government. The Reed v. Gilbert case first appeared in mainstream media by the local town and nearing towns. After a while the story and major issues caught the attention of the supreme court. This case began with Clyde Reed the pastor of Good News Community Church; all he wanted to do was put up signs announcing his church services. Reed put up seventeen signs around an area with an elementary school as it’s center. The town did not approve of the signs because they did not follow the ordinance for specific signs. The ordinance states the prohibition of putting up signs without a permit, but exempts twenty-three categories, one of them being “temporary directional signs,” which is the category the town placed Reed’s church signs under. The signs must be less than six feet and can be displayed no more than twelve hours before and one hour after the event. The church posted their signs early each Saturday morning and did not remove them until mid-day Sunday, exceeding the limit posted by the…

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