Freedom Of Speech : Free Speech Essay

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Freedom of Speech
Free speech is considered one of the most significant parts of the Constitution today because of its impact on everyday life. The Constitution in the First Amendment notes that the Congress has no power to abridge the freedom of speech or even that of the press. The government, therefore, does not have any role in restricting or constraining speech, but the Supreme Court understands that some restrictions must be in place to avoid getting out of hand. Sometimes, the use of vulgar language can be considered a violation of the freedom of speech, an aspect that could affect the way people interact on a daily basis. Without such restrictions, it becomes difficult to ascertain the role of law in keeping order within the society. As a result, the freedom of speech is a major part of everyday existence, but it is critical that everything happens within a controlled session to attain the requisite standards that allow for easier understanding of a peaceful society.
Limitation of the freedom of speech is legitimate if it is within the law. The first way of knowing what is not to be said and when not to utter some things is by understanding what is allowed within the law. The right to the freedom of speech can be limited if the law deems it necessary for the sake of providing a better society. It is not preserved for public officials but a process considered under the law of the country. The rationale here is that the citizens need to know what their roles are and…

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