Freedom Of Speech And First Amendment Rights Of Students Essay

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Student produced school publications are a common creative outlet, providing news and entertainment sources for the student body, by the student body. These publications, whether they are newspapers, newsletters, magazines, or informative flyers, act as a way for school students to express themselves in an educational manner, while also bringing up topics of concern among teens in an informative and helpful way. This was the concept behind Hazelwood East High School 's student run newspaper, The Spectrum, which was written, edited, and published by the school 's journalism class every three weeks during the 1982-1983 school year. As an outlet of for students to speak about personal issues, The Spectrum became a catalyst for a heated debate on legal issues concerning freedom of speech and First Amendment rights of students in school.
In May of 1983, the journalism class 's advisor, Howard Emerson, sent page proofs of the May 13 newspaper to Hazelwood East 's principal, Robert Eugene Reynolds, for approval. Principal Reynolds objected the publication of two articles in the paper, which he found to be inappropriate for a newspaper that was to be circulated on school grounds to high school students. One of the stories was about teen pregnancy, in which interviews with three pregnant female students from the school were included. False names were used for the girls to try to help keep a sense of anonymity for the students, but Principal Reynolds was concerned that the identities…

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