Freedom Of Speech: Abraham Lincoln's Bill Of Rights

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Ever since America was built by the founding fathers the constitution has been the basis of how the United States government is supposed to function regarding the branches of government (checks and balances).The U.S. constitution also gives us ten amendment’s or rights that every U.S. citizen is entitled to. More or less the constitution was created to limit government. In Ralph Ketchams book The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention, Ketcham describes the Bill of Rights “was necessary to safeguard individual liberty.” But unfortunately there have been many presidents that have ignored the constitution and the Bill of Rights to further their agenda. Beginning with John Adams, and proceeding to Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow …show more content…
But it is the writers right to freedom of speech. What president Lincoln did though was wrong, freedom of speech was one of the very foundations this county was built upon when it was founded on and what the president did was wrong. One of the biggest constitutional rights I believe that Abraham Lincoln violated was the suspension of habeas corpus and the arrest made on the Maryland legislatures for being so called Lincoln called having “Southern Sympathies”. Some Historians believe why Lincoln had accused many Maryland legislator’s for being Confederate sympathizers because of a famous poem which later turned into a song call “Maryland, My Maryland” that was written by "James Ryder Randall". The history the poem many believe that because it fought for the North in the Civil War, Maryland should be considered a Northern state. However, we can’t forget that Maryland was a slave state that was full of Southern sympathizers during the war. Without getting into to much detail in one stanza the poem says “The despot’s heel is on thy shore, Maryland! “And: “Huzza! She spurns the Northern scum!” he “despot” refers to Abraham Lincoln. James Ryder Randall wrote the poem in 1861, after riots in Baltimore led to the deaths of a few

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