Freedom Of Freedom And Its Search Essay

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There are different types of freedom, some for example are freedom of conscience, to achieve a coherent and balanced life from the inside; Freedom of expression, in order to disseminate ideas and promote open debate and discussion; Freedom of assembly as a guarantee to associate with those who share ideals and work for them; Freedom to choose responsibly and peacefully to the rulers, among others.
After this brief analysis of the concept of freedom, we see what it encompasses and what it means, after the previous analysis on the different wars of independence or great heroes of history, we see that all this if reflected in the concept of freedom and its search. What has changed is the age in which we find ourselves. It can no longer be claimed in the same way as it did 50 years ago, if we follow the trace of history, the story has not changed, only the names. The history sadly, is written over and over without further change than the names of those involved and methods thanks to the technologies that have evolved in a spectacular way that has notably influenced, in particular in the methodology of terrorists.
“True” terrorists are only a response to a feeling of latent oppression in their day to day for him and part of the Society to which he belongs and for this he needs to do something for themselves and what they think is the best for them and that something is the defense behavior of their rights and freedoms.
What terrorist organizations claim are often mere patriotism…

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