Essay about Freedom Of Expression And Freedom

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In liberal democratic societies, there is a tendency to consider the right to freedom of expression as being of more importance than the right to freedom of religion. This is apparent through several cases in which, despite their actions causing deep offense to numerous religious individuals, the media’s freedom of expression has been defended and protected. In liberal democratic societies, one should seek to fairly balance the competition between the freedom of expression and freedom of religion. To accomplish this, I believe it is necessary to impose certain restrictions on the media’s freedom. Nevertheless, one must not attempt to completely restrict the right to express views regarding religion, as this would consequently inhibit our society from discussing matters which are imperative to have in the public forum. To an extent, there should be religious limits to media freedom, and to determine these limits we must examine what expressions about religion are necessary, and which do not meaningfully contribute to public debate.
Firstly, it is vital to understand why we cannot fully restrict the right to express views concerning religion. In democratic societies, since it is the people who rule, often through elected representatives, it is necessary that the society has the ability to discuss and debate issues. Often, people may use religious reasoning to support their debate, so it is crucial that others outside of that religion have the ability to critique their…

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