Freedom Of Being An American Essay

1687 Words Dec 10th, 2016 7 Pages

From an early age in the United States children have been taught, that the things that are common in this country are not common in most. The United States is widely considered as a first world country compared to most nations across the world. The most important thing that we grew up on was, freedom of being an American. We are now in an age when freedom is fast becoming exception rather what we are entitled to. Imprisoning Americans in private prisons that are being controlled and operated by corporations should be immoral and illegal. American’s freedom should not be for sale to make a profit.

Imprisoning humans at record levels should be a moral issue along with an economic one. Especially when so many hard working Americans are struggling to make basic ends to provide for themselves along with their family. Mass incarceration provides a gigantic windfall for only one special interest group. Private investors who own the private prisons. As the public good suffers from mass incarceration, deprives individuals of freedom, taking loved ones from families, and drain the little remaining governmental resources, communities, and taxpayers. Over the past couple years the rate does not seem to be slowing down but picking up.

Privately owned prisons like the one operating in Marion County Indiana do almost nothing that they initially promise. They are supposed to be cheaper, safer, and provide better outcomes for their inmates. Time and time again that has not been…

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