Freedom Is Not Free When Your Identity Is The Price Essay examples

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Freedom is not free when your identity is the price. Throughout the semester we read literature that has honed in on the idea of apartheid and post-apartheid affecting a nation. Zoe Wicomb 's You Can 't Get Lost in Cape Town and Phaswane Mpe Welcome to Our Hillbrow both share the themes of identity crisis through language. This theme has shaped what I grasped from South African literature is that identity does not belong to you but is shaped by what others perceive. Who you are is not defined by what you do in the world by how others label you based on race and language. If you look a certain way or speak a certain way you will be judged and that judgement will be who you are despite knowing your entirety.

Zoe Wicomb 's You Can 't Get Lost in Cape Town is set in the time when Apartheid was ending and creating a different society within Cape Town. The main character Freida’s identity is shifted based on the language she uses during her journey to give up her child. On this journey to get an abortion, she is left wondering many questions about herself and the future. She believes that this is the right thing to do since her significant other Michael is White and she is not. When she is confronted by the abortionist for being Coloured, Freida sees her identity being called in to question. “One must check nowadays. These Coloured girls, you know, are very forward, terrible types. What do they think of me, as if I would do every Tom, Dick and Harry. Not me you know; this is a…

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