The Absence Of Necessity Or Constraint In Choice Or Action

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According to the Meriam Webster freedom means the absence of necessity or constraint in choice or action. I believe that freedom is the state of being at liberty rather than being repressed or being some restrictions. Freedom is the name of endless possibilities and it means that everything is possible. Freedom comes at very high cost and is very important for survival in this world. Freedom is when everyone can say their opinion and it is respected. It is a feeling which can be felt in air and can be visually seen as well. It is a state of mind that states that we have right to do anything we want and we should fear none but it should be within the limits and ethics of humanity. It is much more than just a word it is a complete feeling and faith.

Freedom can have many meanings and each individual has a different view about it. As it has multiple perspectives everyone’s opinion about it must be respected this is also an example of freedom. John. F. Kennedy said “The best road to progress is freedom”. Freedom is important aspect to build and maintain a positive atmosphere of a society. If there is freedom and free minds in society people will always think about the betterment of their surroundings and it will make the people in that
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Negative freedom can have worse impact on a person and the society. An individual makes decision which aren’t sustainable and can cross the limits of morals and ethics. Freedom must be restricted in a way that its only outcome is positive. For example giving children freedom at such a young age can build their character in both ways bad and good. So it should be monitered and controlled. Giving to much freedom to children can have devastating outcomes so it is quiet important to define the barriers so the coming generations can put it to good

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