Freedom Is An Entitlement Of All Humanity Essays

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Throughout history, freedom has played a central role in American society. Freedom is an entitlement of all humanity, but America deprived some people of freedom because of their race, gender, class, and other ways. Freedom is not a birthright but it is an ideal goal which inspired so many Americans sacrifice. Since 1865, freedom was not distributed evenly in our country. It granted to some and withheld from others. Therefore, during the periods such as Reconstruction, Progressivism, and the Post-war after World War two, Americans fought for greater freedom as guaranteed by the constitution.
With the end of Civil War, America entered the period of Reconstruction (1865-1877) in which the South was rebuilt so that it could become a part of Union. During this period, freedom arose as there was conflict between the black and white southerners. In this period, African Americans experienced the slave life and observed the free society around them. Hence, they claimed for more freedom in the country because they did not receive equal rights as a slave. They wanted to unite with their family in their black community. There is a story of a Northern reporter in 1865 encountered a former slave who had walked more than 600 miles searching for his wife and children, from whom he had been sold away during slavery (Foner, 2014, pg 555). The meaning of freedom might be simple that they could unite with their love ones. In this period, some changes were taken into action to fulfill what the…

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