Freedom Is A Vague Term, And It Has No Real Concrete Meaning Essay

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Freedom is a vague term, and it has no real concrete meaning. Freedom is something of an ideal, and if ever a people embraced freedom, it would be the United States. Politicians simply cannot go a speech without out mentioning freedom in some way shape or form.
Throughout its history, the United States has battled with changing definitions of freedom. The definition of freedom has been everything from a yeoman farmer being self-sufficient, to being a wage earner and “putting food on the kitchen table”, and even the liberation of “unfree” nations.
One also cannot discuss freedom without mentioning the long standing race issues present in the
United States. This concept of freedom has been changing constantly starting all the way with the first settlements in the United States.

The first settlements in North America were populated by people seeking freedom from religious persecution. To quote the text book. “The Scottish church eventually adopted
Presbyterianism, which eliminated bishops and placed religious authority in bodies of clerics and laymen called presbyteries. By the late sixteenth century, though, many Calvinists—including those called Puritans (because they wanted to purify the church), or Separatists (because they wanted to leave it entirely)—believed that reformers in England and Scotland had not gone far enough. Henry had simplified the church hierarchy, and the Scots had altered it; Puritans and
Separatists wanted to abolish it. Henry and the…

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