Freedom From The North Or West Wanted One Thing Essay

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Much of the people, coming out of the south, when they reached their destinations in the north or west wanted one thing: freedom. That freedom came at a price many had to secure a job that sometimes was the lowest paid job, they had to worry about family they left behind, and tried to find their way in the New World. The black immigrants that came from the south were like any other immigrants coming from other countries; they brought their culture and tried to stay together. “As best they could, the people brought the Old Country with them --- a taste for hominy grits and pole beans cooking in salt pork, the “sure enough” and “I reckons” and the superstitions of new moons and itchy palms that had seeped into their very being.” (Wilkerson 240) The blacks from the south all had one thing in common they wanted freedom from the violence brought to them in the south. Many wanted this freedom for their children; they did not want their children going through what they had been through, especially with the Jim Crow Laws that was put into place since 1841. “These things stayed with them even though they left, because a crying part of them had not wanted to leave.” (Wilkerson 241) George Starling’s life continues when he reaches New York in 1945. George Starling and other immigrants like him always had the same problem when they reached the north or west; each had to get used the ways of the north and find a home. “Concrete mountains were obscuring the sky, steam rising from sewer…

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