Definition Of Freedom Essay

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Can you even imagine being hindered or bound from doing things? Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be captured? Did you ever wondered how it would feel to have to depend on others for help? Well, freedom is something that every person wants in this world. Freedom allows an individual to live a happy, a life of liberty and a life of possibilities. Is that not what the settlers wanted when leaving Britain? “Freedom cannot be bestowed…it must be achieved.” Independence will allow someone to be able to do things by themselves and not depend on people whenever things go wrong. “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” When an individual has their independence and freedom it becomes two of the most important things …show more content…
No limits, no boundaries, and anything is possible when it comes to having freedom. An individual that is free is in the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. Someone that has freedom will have the right to do whatever comes to mind without anyone or anything interfering. For example, having freedom would be an individual being able to have freedom of speech, choice, religion, and movement. The United States is a great example when it comes to freedom as an individual. An individual that has freedom of movement would be someone being able to move anytime or anyway. An individual that has freedom of speech has the right to speak about anything without having limits on what can be said. When an individual has freedom, it gives that person the opportunity to live their life and enjoy it. An individual can also be free by speaking the truth or releasing things that were hindering them from living their life or moving on from something. Some individuals may feel hindered by the people that are attached to them, causing that person to be unable to live to the fullest because of the influence of another individual carries. The only way to become free, is for that individual to let that person go and surround themselves around positive influences. Freedom is given to everyone but what an individual does with it, is what counts the most in life.

Independence and freedom

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