Essay on Freedom Equality Order

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Freedom, Equality, Order

1. Select either Shays' Rebellion or ADA, 1990. Discuss how your chosen event/legislation is either an example of Freedom vs. Order or Freedom vs. Equality.
I selected Shays' Rebellion, and I learned that the events that happened throughout that rebellion was a Freedom vs. Equality situation because what was happening was that the post-war situation left farmers who've been gone for months fighting, came home with nothing to show for it and they were still forced to pay high taxes on their property. This sent the farming community into a vicious cycle of spiraling down, losing more and more money because they have to sell their belongings for little money to pay off the old debt which caused new debt. These
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4. After September 11 there was great discussion of furthering order to keep our nation safe. For example, many individuals argued for the right of the government to be able to increase its wiretapping powers in order to avert terrorist acts. Do you think the government should do more to keep citizens safe? Why or why not? What things would you be willing (or unwilling) to give up in order to maintain safety?

Well, I think in the state that our Government is in these power moves such as increasing wiretapping to “stop the terrorists” is just an excuse to take advantage of a scared and compliant public to further Government power not just “for the terrorists”. Terrorism is a recurring fad. Think of terrorism the way you think of Furbies, sure they were once incredibly popular, but for a while they go down, but this year, after countless years of Furbies going down, they became the got to have Christmas gift. It's a situational recurring concept, just like terrorism. I don't think the Government should do more to keep citizens safe, because often these measures are implemented after some kind of scare (aka 9/11 = ridiculous, and may I say ineffective, airport security). They need to sit down and look to put practical measures that don't inconvenience people, but in the end all the public should be in charge of protecting themselves and never dropping any freedom for a false sense of protection. That's how I personally

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