Freedom, Equality, And Independence Essay example

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Kant talks about the importance of a civil constitution because of the opportunity to unite into a society. He agrees that other social contracts have a lot in common with others, however, he states one importance difference and that is that this social contract is an end in itself It is the first duty of every citizen in a commonwealth and without a commonwealth cannot work. Kant describes a civil constitution as “a relation of free human beings who are nevertheless subject to coercive laws.” Everyone wants to be happy, however, not anyone can be happy while all others are happy. To create a society where as many people as possible can be happy Kant gives three principles: freedom, equality, and independence. In the first half of this essay these three principles will be discussed. Thereafter, it will be discussed what rights subjects have when these rights are violated.
The first principle is the principle of freedom. This can be described as that nobody can coerce anyone to be happy in his way. Everyone can do what he thinks is good for him as long as you do not harm the right others have to do the same. To create a government with that form, it could be logical to choose for a government based on the principle of doing good to others and that would create a paternalistic government; a government with a relation of father to son as in executive to citizens. However, this would in Kant’s opinion create an authoritarian leader, who would decide everything. This would…

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