Freedom And Stability In Breakfast At Tiffany's

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Everyone has some type of desire to be free no matter if it is to be free from work, school, and/or parents. The only thing about having freedom granted to a person is staying above water, being stable to balance life. In a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Truman Capote the issue of freedom and stability is demonstrated through the narrator and Holly. Capote portrays two characters that are completely different from one another, and he shows that they will have to learn from one another in order to successfully succeed. The gifts that Holly and the narrator exchanges in the story for Christmas explains their freedom and stability. Holly gives the narrator a bird cage in which will never have a bird locked inside it. The narrator explains how Holly zoo experience made her feel about caging animals, “Afterwards, avoiding the zoo (Holly said she couldn't bear to see anything in a cage), we giggled, ran, sang along the paths toward the old wooden boathouse, now gone” (43). Therefore, Holly is giving her sense of freedom to the narrator. In conjunction with the narrator receiving a gift, he also gives Holly a medal that was purchased at Tiffany’s. The medal gives Holly stability because it was from Tiffany’s the place that is “home” for Holly. Holly’s difference between freedom and stability is received …show more content…
They are both destined to be best friends because they need one another. If Holly cannot depend on the narrator she will not be stable and if the narrator is not with her he will not feel freedom. If they do not come as a package they will not function right alone. Their friendship reminds me of the TV show “CatDog” together they are everything the world could not conquer, but apart they were not able to conquer as much as they did together. This universal conflict in this novel teaches a life lesson that there is always someone or people who are necessary in one’s life in order to be balanced and

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