Freedom And Security At An Individual And Societal Level Essay

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First of all “freedom” and “security” are both vague concepts that are both equally important and therefore there is a trade off between them. They are both interconnected and neglecting one in the pursuit of the other can cause a problem in that society. This essay aims to highlight both the advantages and disadvantages of freedom and security at an individual and societal level. It will also incorporate use of significant examples in different countries relating to these concepts focusing on the Uk and America. Finally it will introduce the concepts of Liberalism and totalitarianism and how they apply to freedom and security.

Security is the state of being free from any form of danger and harm (2014). The concept of security is diverse as it includes different aspects such as political security, economic security, national security and so on. These different aspects are prioritized separately on an individual and societal level. However one of the primary objectives of every country is to ensure national security and to guarantee that its citizens are protected from any form of harm.

On the other hand, freedom is an inalienable human right where an individual has the capacity to determine his or her actions as far as it is not inflicting harm to the people around them. “Freedom means respecting the moral autonomy of each individual. It is the foundation of our ability to construct our lives as we see fit” Boaz (2011). Freedom also has a…

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