Freedom And Freedom Of Free Expression Through Social Media

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Free Expression through Social Media

As Americans we have been granted the right to Freedom of Speech. Hence, we are protected to speak freely, but there are exceptions to this right. Therefore, we are allowed to express ourselves freely through multiple outlets such as through television, radio, and internet. The latter has been a prominent way of expression for Americans recently, especially with the creation of social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Being able to express yourself through the use of words, saying, pictures, etc. has allowed us to channel emotions, say what is on our mind, and to express our interests. Social media networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter are valuable outlets for free expression because of freedom of speech.
The U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment grants us the right to free speech. This right means that “you are allowed to express yourself freely without interference or constraint by the government” (Ardito, 2013). We are allowed to express ourselves in different mediums, therefore our expression on social media is a protected right. As a result, social media provides an avenue to express ourselves as we please since as a user we choose to sign
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Hate speech is protected by the First Amendment (Thorne, 2015). You would think that this type of speech would not be protected, however it is because “hate speech without an incitement to violence is protected speech” (Ardito, 2013). In addition, offensive, extremist, and profane speech are also protected speeches on social media. Freedom of speech is very broad and therefore many forms of speeches are protected, such as those mentioned. Ardito (2013) states that “There are no category for offensive or controversial speech, whether on the Internet or elsewhere, within First Amendment

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