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Writer 's Block is a common issue amongst writers who are beginner. The ability to write freely takes practice. An exercise that may help you to organize your thought process is called free writing. This is a form of pre-writing. It is important to become familiarized with this technique. Most English professors use this tool to assist their students with organizing their creative thought. However, this style is criticized frequently. Although it is not widely agreed upon, free writing is effective.
Most students identify free writing as an activity that is exclusively for the improvement of writing skills. However, educators use it as a technique to teach. Many educators use free writing to govern their classroom’s daily activities. Free
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A seed sentence is a topic that the teacher gives a student to invoke the specific responses and ideas on a particular subject or topic that the educator is able to limit the students to a specific topic. This allows the instructor to effectively maintain order in a class. Free writing may act as a guide for the duration of class time. It immediately grasps the student’s attention and it provides a space for the students interactively to get involved with learning the process of writing on class time. The student expresses their thoughts on paper. The student is then able to volunteer to share their free flow writings. Since there is no grade, it allows him or her to feel free from judgments allowing the student to develop comfortability in a writing class. Students are then able to practice skills such as peer review. This helps the students improve on verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Free writing introduces topics in a personal manner, thus, removing the pressure of comprehending and retaining course material. The students are more likely to retain information that is personal than non-personal. Personal introductory allows the student to bond with the material. This may have a positive effect on students. Students that can relate to course material, usually retain information instinctively. This predictably results in learners doing well in their course work …show more content…
It allows the teacher to be open with their students without judgment. This opens up a learning environment where student can feel safe and secure .The student can learn the writing process. Though critics state it is not as effective in expert writers. Free writing is an effective way to elevate writer 's block from beginning writers. In conclusion, teachers use free writing as an effective tool focusing their student. Free writing is able to be used in multiple directions of the writing process; it is productive for the teachers and the students. However, it is more effective in beginner writers that experience writer’s block rather than more experienced

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