Free Will Vs. Determinism Essay

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In philosophy, free will is the idea that humans have the freedom of personal choice and that we are not controlled by determinism or other outside force. That as humans, we have a choice about what happens in our lives within natural limits. We cannot will ourselves to do the impossible, but we can decide who we are and what we will do with our time on this earth. There is speculation that free will isn’t possible because we inherit our character from our parents. Personally, I find the idea of determinism to be alarming if we take out the elements of personal choice, we also remove the elements of personal consequences. By highlighting areas of the argument of free will vs. determinism, I will demonstrate my personal feelings and provide evidence that free will is a possibility in our physical lives and our spiritual lives. One of the biggest arguments against free will is that there is no God. Growing up, my family attended church every Sunday, we also participated in church camp, youth group, and various other church activities. In my teenage years, I went through an atheist/agnostic phase I questioned everything I had been taught and the many ways that science and religion clashed. In my adult year, I held my son for the first time and knew without a reasonable doubt that God existed. Religion wasn’t guiding me simply because it was determined that I would be Christian, free will guided me. Free will allow me to sin and repent, free will helped me find me. So, I can…

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