Essay about Free Will Vs. Determinism

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Free will has always been something that I thought was obvious to be true. However, after learning different perspectives and theories about the matter, I am not so confident in my conclusion. Free will versus determinism has been debated by philosophers for millennia. These major ideas of discussion have a variety of different interpretations. Whether we are deciding between major, life changing paths, or simply, opting to wear a sweater instead of a t-shirt on a given day; the selections we make in life do have a major influence on future events. However, we will never know the true meaning of our random (or planned) existence. But, I am not trying to show or persuade the significance of free will. Rather, whether or not free will is anything other than the feeling we have it? I believe that to a certain extent, the feeling of having the ability of paving and choosing our own path in life has a lot to do with the whole concept of free will. This is because while we believe we have it, we do not know for certain if our preconceptions are true. However, I believe that free will is just the perception of having it. We can make our own decisions, but we will never be certain if they are truly our own, or the programming in our biology and the influences of our environment. We make choices everyday, but they may or may not be chosen freely by us, or from illusioned self made decisions previously. In almost every circumstance we find ourselves in, we can most likely determine…

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