Free Will or Determined Analyse of “Paul’s Case” Written by Willa Cather

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free will or determined analyse of “Paul’s case” written by Willa Cather
"Paul's case"was a story written by the famous female writer/ journalist Willa Cather, the story explores the life of an idealistic young boy named Paul who hates his impoverished life. Paul strongly believes that he was meant to be born in a rich family instead of a mid-class home. He tries to escape from the impoverished environment of which he live in and only approaches either rich, or famous people .Sadly, in the end, Paul kills himself when he realizes his father is on the way to New-York to take him back home , because he finds it impossible to return to his original life after exposed to the upper-class luxuries . surely , Paul is very obsessed with money
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He tries to copy the appearance of a well educated nobleman, but misses the connotation underneath . Paul enters the room wearing an worn but extravagant overcoat, a tan velvet on the collar “an opal in in his neatly knotted black four-in-hand ,and even a red carnation in his buttonhole”. It's apparent that he wouldn’t let lose the slightest chance to to feel rich and powerful ,especially among the ordinary people. Paul loves money but he fails to establish a link between wealth and hard work. As much as Paul wants to be on the top of the game,however he feels no urge to work his way up the ladder. Withdrawing from school is not the only symptom ,as it is clear that Paul has the feels that he deserves everything from the New-York trip, the stolen money, and the enjoyment of fine art . The only reason he has a part time job not because he wants to save some money to achieve his goals but so that he could stay at the concert to listen to opera . His passion for music and fine art has become an passive addiction which helps him to escape the reality , since appreciating art and music needs no effort and it is considered as an upper class' way of living. Similarly, he goes to classes not to learn but to look out the window. And when his friend

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