Essay on Free Will Of The Christian Faith

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Free Will in Theology
In the Christian faith, it is taught at a young age that God gave man free will in order to make one’s own decisions, however time and time again, both throughout history and the Bible, as well as other religious texts, that man abuses the power to make their own decisions and falls away from their gods in order to do what is superficially beneficial to themselves. From Eve being influenced by Lucifer and eating the apple of her own free will, to more modern examples of free will being used to feed man’s greed, all religions discuss the duality of free will, both the freedom it brings, but also the ways that having free will causes man to stray from their respected religious path. In The Problem of Pain, Lewis argues that one attributing factor to man’s suffering is caused by their abuse of free will, an idea that can also be connected to Judaism and Islam. In varying sects and schools of thought, in all three of these religions, believe in free will, but others believe in predestination. As there are Muslims, Jews and Christians who believe in predestination, there are those who believe in free will.
The story of Adam and Eve is one of the best known teachings of the Bible in the Old Testament, one that shows both the fairness of God and the failures of man, showing that while man abuse their free will in order to advance themselves. The story depicts two people, Adam and his wife Eve as being given everything they could possibly need, but due to free…

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