Free Will By John Milton Essay

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In Book 3 (lines 95-111), the question of “free will” is brought up. Milton’s discussion of free will raises the question of whether free will is something that an individual can choose or reject, or if in fact there is no choice of free will at all. It is possible that God is simply tangling the idea that free will even exists to men as a way for them to believe they have a choice over their own faiths, when it is possible that in actuality they do not. The question is why would God create people that He knows will commit sin knowing that these creations will create an evil side to the world. This passage argues that God purposely gives His creations the right to choose between Satan and Him and in doing so, allows the fall from grace to be a decision that is self made. However, why would any God who could control all, create evil from the beginning or even allow people to have a choice in their own fates if God could in fact stop all of his creations from falling and being acceptable to sin entirely. Milton understands these questions that could possibly arise and meticulously uses word choice, tone, and persuasive writing schemes to show how free will is not an illusion and that God in fact intends for all of his creations to have it. In lines 95-96 Milton talks about the fall and how those who disobey God’s “sole Command” will fall. This “fall” begs a bigger a question about predestination because if God’s knows all and all actions of all men, then does anyone…

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